Tuesday, 5 May 2015

New listing(s)--Coming SOON!
FIXER in Chesterfield Square--just east of Leimert Park and south of USC --

4-5 bedrooms 2 baths
Great for family--or maybe USC rental????
 2400+ sq ft, corner house--not yet in MLS, ONLY $449,500! 
for info  email natalieneith@gmail.com

Sunday, 19 April 2015

On my walk this morning with Crenshaw WALKS --(come join us!)
 several of us were lamenting the results from Turf Terminators--really
I get water conservation--
but an expanse of naked white rocks with spotty plants here and there--???? 
Not attractive--
not good for the environment--
and as the man said, HOME VALUES TERMINATOR!!!! 
there are better options!

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Check out LEIMERT!!!

From an article in intersections/South LA



Leimert Park is on the brink of a “third renaissance.”

That’s what Ben Caldwell, an artist and educator who many community members call “the father of Leimert Park,” says about this neighborhood in the Crenshaw District of South Los Angeles.
When the famed Brockman Gallery opened in the 1960s, Leimert Park cradled the arts movement in the Black community. Then in the late 1980s and early 1990s, places including Fifth Street Dick’s, a jazz cafĂ©, along with the World Stage music venue and the Comedy Act Theater, attracted musicians, writers and comedians from all over the country.
Leimert Park fell into decline following the 1992 riots. Now, change is underway yet again. By 2019, an 8.5 mile light rail line is slated to connect Leimert Park to Inglewood and the Los Angeles International Airport. Leimert Park once again blooms with hope and optimism as locals strategize to preserve the area’s Black cultural identity.
World-renowned artists like Mark Bradford are investing in the neighborhood, art spaces like Papillion have opened and older institutions like Kaos Network are making bold renovation plans that could usher in a new era of cultural revival.
In offering events ranging from art walks to youth workshops, Leimert Park aims to attract business owners and entertainment seekers alike, providing a rich cultural experience they might not find anywhere else in the city.
In the following multimedia pieces, Intersections explores the creative minds and spaces of this historic community just south of the 10 Freeway.
- See more at: http://intersectionssouthla.org/leimert-park-renaissance/#sthash.Gbij3Vyl.MpXXl0BL.dpuf

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Housing Prices Keep Rising in Los Angeles and the Number of Sales Keeps Falling Wednesday, February 18, 2015, by Bianca Barragan

Housing Prices Keep Rising in Los Angeles and the Number of Sales Keeps Falling

[A $549,000 house in Highland Park]
The housing market in Southern California continues to descend into a slump as prices rise and the number of sales falls, according to the most recent numbers from DataQuick and the California Association of Realtors. According to DQ, 4,738 houses and condos were sold in Los Angeles County in January, down 3.6 percent from January 2014. Meanwhile, the median price—$460,000—was up 12.2 percent over last year. Throughout the six SoCal counties, sales were 21.7 percent below the average for January (starting in 1988). CAR found pretty much the same thing throughout the state, and in a press release says that the market is "still bearing the scars of 2014's tight housing inventory and low housing affordability." Their data for the metro area (rather than the county) shows the number of sales dropped 7.1 percent over the past year and the median price rose 2 percent, to $387,530, but dropped from December's $413,150.
Meanwhile, here's one culprit for rising prices: investors and other "absentee buyers" bought a full quarter of the housing sold in January in Southern California. That's down from the peak of 32.4 percent in January 2013, but well above the average of 19 percent (starting in 2000). Buyers paying cash also accounted for nearly a quarter of sales, at 24.6 percent, which is remarkably "the lowest for any month since January 2009, when 22.0 percent of homes were bought with cash."
And not all sales are equal. The market continues to live a double life—the number of sales above $500,000 rose slightly, by 2 percent, but sales under $500,000 saw a double-digit drop—13.8 percent—and sales under $200,000 dropped by a third.
· Southern California Home Sales Decline; Median Sale Price Still Up Year Over Year [DQ]
· Unlike the Rest of LA's Housing Market, the Luxury Sector is Blowing Up[Curbed LA]