Halloween is almost here, and families and children will be coming out in droves for a much-anticipated night of trick-or-treating. With the masses of frenzied people and increased car traffic in the dark, safety considerations are of the utmost importance to keep the ones we love safe. Here is a list of important safety tips that can help you give your family a carefree night of fun and candy.
1. For young children, make sure you, an older child, or a trusted adult accompanies them while trick-or-treating. For older children, make sure they go out with a group of friends.
2. Teach your children that under no circumstances should they ever enter the home of a stranger to get candy or treats, unless an adult is with them and says it is all right.
3. If you are with a group, stay together! In the excitement and fast pace of house-hopping, it is easy to get separated from each other.
4. Teach your children that they should never approach the vehicle of a stranger, or an empty vehicle, unless they are directly accompanied by you or another trusted adult.
5. Equip your children with reflective clothing, a flashlight, or a glowstick to help make them visible to cars in the night.
6. Instruct them to stay only on well-lit paths, busy public areas, and main streets and sidewalks and to avoid isolated areas or alleys with little to no lighting.
7. Review basic street and traffic safety: Stop and look both ways before crossing a street or intersection. Obey crosswalk signs. Hold the hand of smaller children crossing with you.
8. If you have a teenager going out trick-or-treating with friends, make sure you know who he’ll be with and where he’ll be for the night.
9. Make sure all your trick-or-treaters are dressed in weather-appropriate clothing under or over their costumes, and that any masks or headpieces allow for easy breathing and ventilation. Check costumes over for any potential hazards.
10. Instruct your children to notify the closest adult if they notice any vandalism, bullying, or dangerous situation that occurs. Should someone try to abduct them, instruct them to yell loudly that they are being taken against their will, and kick, scream, and struggle as much as possible with as much noise as possible.
Have a safe and fun Halloween!
Tiffany Martel is the founder and editor of Go Momma Coupons, a blog with money-saving tips, deals and discounts.